420 settlers Storm Al-Aqsa mosque

Jerusalem _ Agencies

Hundreds of Jewish settlers on Tuesday stormed the al-Aqsa mosque courtyards with Israeli military protection.

According to a statement by the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation police allowed hundreds of settlers to break into the al-Aqsa city, to wander through the courtyards, and to perform taloudi rituals in celebration of the Hebrew "throne feast".

According to the statement, members of the group  "Students for the Temple " participated in the incursions and chanted the "Israeli national anthem " in the eastern region of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It confirmed the arrest by the Israeli occupation police of reconstruction staff; Anas al-Badagh and Ali Bakrat, from the roof of the dome of the Rock mosque, and the young man Mohammed al-Hamouri forcibly from inside the courtyards while performing prayers.

She referred to the handover of the employee in the Waqf department  "Fire Department" Imad Abdeen, a summons to be interrogated tomorrow at the center of the "al-Qgroup " west of Jerusalem.

She asserted that the Israeli occupation police had closed the "Bab al-Mughrabi", which had been fully controlled for years, after 420 settlers had been allowed to break into the al-Aqsa, where the heavily armed special forces had escorted them and protected them.

The settler population is likely to rise during the day due to the Israeli occupation police allowing settlers to take another break-in after the Zuhr prayers have been completed.

To secure settler incursions and to prevent responses by Jerusalemites or al-Aqsa guards, the Israeli police had been working 10 days ago to summon scores of Palestinians to investigate, handing them deportation orders from a maximum of one to two weeks.


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