Gaza Health appeals to international institutions to provide laboratory testing tests

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, today, Tuesday evening, renewed its invitation to the World Health Organization and all international institutions to provide laboratory examination tests after they were implemented yesterday in the general laboratory of the Ministry.

Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the ministry, said in the daily press briefing, that a limited and insufficient quantity of laboratory examination materials arrived from international bodies, calling on the Ministry of Health in Ramallah and the World Health and the authorities concerned to provide it continuously.

He pointed out that the Ministry has the ability to conduct tests in the central laboratory without the need to send them outside the Gaza Strip and the resulting hardship, effort and delay in the results.

The health spokesman in Gaza held that the Israeli occupation is responsible for the fragility of the health and humanitarian situation in the Strip, and the lack of capabilities to face the Corona pandemic, calling on the international community to assume its humanitarian responsibilities with the besieged Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the government authorities in Gaza are following the implementation of all procedures and policies to confront the virus, noting that 888 citizens in the quarantine centers have been quarantined, including 198 medical personnel.

Al-Qudra stated that today, 130 other hosts, including 25 medical and police staff and support services, will be quarantined.

He renewed the call for the quarries who left the quarantine centers to follow the instructions that were clarified for them through the medical team during their departure from the quarantine centers, including staying at home during the first week, while avoiding mixing, not visiting and achieving social distance.

He pointed out that the central laboratory had completed 489 laboratory tests during the previous two days to complete the quarantine of the hosts, all of which were negative, while yesterday evening a new infection with the Corona virus in the Gaza Strip was recorded among the detainees and his condition is reassuring.

A spokesman for the health ministry in Gaza said that the total number of cases that were registered with Corona virus during the past days in the Gaza Strip were 13 cases, 6 of which were recovered and transferred to the quarantine center at the Rafah crossing, while 7 cases remained under health follow-up at the Isolation Hospital at the Rafah crossing.

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