Gaza: No new cases of "Corona" and recovery of a sixth case

Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, confirmed the recovery of a sixth case that had been infected with "Corona" virus in the Gaza Strip, and the remaining six were reassuring, and no new infection was recorded.

Al-Qudra said in the press briefing today evening Sunday: "We announce our people in the Gaza Strip by increasing the number of cases that recovered from the Corona virus to six cases, thank God, and they were transferred to the quarantine center at the Rafah crossing to complete the approved quarantine period after the recovery, and we confirm that the health status of cases The remaining six are reassuring and stable. "

He added: "We are following the procedures to end the quarantine of 248 hosts, in addition to 84 medical and police staff and support services that honored their service in Marmara School, Ghassan Kanafani, Al-Safwa and the College of Palestine, including completing laboratory tests and monitoring the temperature to check on their safety."

He explained that the medical teams are following 1894 health hosts in 27 quarantine centers, all of whom are in good health, including those preparing to leave.

Al-Qudra continued: "62% of the hosts are different patients who receive direct medical care in hotels, health centers and hospitals as part of special preventive measures."

He said: The technical teams have intensified the withdrawal and examination of laboratory samples during the past two days and all their results were negative, and no new infection with the Corona virus has been recorded in the Gaza Strip, thank God, until now.

He added that the Gaza Ministry of Health is going through a dangerous juncture due to the acute shortage of health resources and laboratory tests, noting that "We have a limited coronavirus virus testing material available, and is about to run out, and it does not meet the minimum of our daily need, especially examining the hosts in the quarantine centers." Before they leave. "

The ability requested the concerned authorities locally and internationally to take real urgent steps to save the health situation in the Gaza Strip and enable the medical teams to achieve a first response to the Corona pandemic, including the provision of ventilators, intensive care beds and laboratory testing of the virus.

He called upon those who completed a peaceful quarantine period to fully comply with the instructions and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health, calling on citizens to strictly adhere to the preventive and safety measures, avoid gatherings, public places and the seashore, reduce movement, and stay for longer periods at home for their own safety and the safety of their community, especially the elderly and children People with chronic diseases, weak immunity, and respiratory patients.

Al-Bism: Completion of the precautionary quarantine procedures in 3 centers will be sterilized for new reception

For his part, Iyad Al-Bazm, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza, announced the end of the precautionary quarantine procedures for 321 citizens distributed in the centers (Al-Safwa, Marmara, and Ghassan Kanafani) in Khan Yunis and Rafah governorates, including 242 returning to the Gaza Strip through the crossings, along with 79 Among the medical, security and service personnel who accompanied them during the stone period.

Al-Bazm said, during the press briefing, that citizens will be transported by buses from Hajar centers to the governorates according to their housing addresses, noting that the Ministry of Health has completed the final examination procedures for all the hosts who will leave the quarantine centers today.

Al-Bazm said that these centers will be sterilized after all hosts have left, rehabilitated and closed until needed, and will be secured with new security crews.


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