On the day of the Palestinian child ... 200 children are held in the Israeli jails

The head of the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority Major General Qadri Abu Bakr affirmed that the Israeli occupation authorities continue to detain approximately 200 children and minors inside the Ofer, Majdo and Damun detention centers, which lack the minimum human constituents, and are subjected to methods of torture and degrading treatment To international human rights standards.

Major General Abu Bakr said in a press statement today, Saturday, on the eve of the Palestinian child's day, which falls on the fifth of this April, "The violations that children are exposed to in the Israeli occupation prisons did not take place in the history of rights and the United Nations, which constitutes a stigma in the forehead of this organization." International human rights organizations, which have been unable to provide the minimum level of protection for these children. "

Major General Abu Bakr indicated that since 2000, the Israeli occupation forces arrested at least 17,000 Palestinian minors, whose ages range between (12-18) years, and many cases of arrest and detention of children under the age of ten years have been recorded, indicating that about Three quarters of them were subjected to some form of physical torture, while all detainees were subjected to psychological torture during the various stages of detention, according to the latest statistics and documented testimonies of child detainees.

Major General Abu Bakr stated that the rate of arrest of Jerusalemite minors is the highest, as dozens of them are arrested daily and illegally detained, in addition to imposing a policy of house arrest against them, deportation from Jerusalem, and imposing exorbitant financial fines.

Major General Abu Bakr considered that targeting Palestinian children is part of the occupation’s policy to isolate occupied Jerusalem from the rest of the governorates, and the approach it is taking to strip Jerusalem and Jerusalemites of their Palestinian identity, and to seek to destroy the future of the Palestinian people by destroying its cubs.

Major General Abu Bakr, Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Human Rights Council and other international bodies, in particular UNICEF and Amnesty International, called for a speedy and serious move to pressure the occupation government and demand the release of all prisoners, especially children whose lives have been threatened due to the conditions in which they live in light of the spread of the Corona virus, Considering that the negligence of the occupation authorities in the life and health of the prisoners and ignoring their simple demands is the highest stage of the assassination of humanity.


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