Gaza Health puts 3 new twins in quarantine

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip put 3 newborns (twins), not older than twenty days, accompanied by their mother, in quarantine in the central governorate of the Strip, to become the youngest citizens in the quarantine due to the Corona virus.

The ministry said in a press statement to it that the newborns and their mother arrived in Gaza through the Beit Hanoun "Erez" checkpoint, coming from the Makassed Hospital.

She noted that the children stayed in the Makassed Hospital nursery after giving birth for a month, because of their weight below the normal rate of less than 2 kg.

It indicated that they were placed in quarantine due to the precautionary measures applied by the Ministry for fear of spreading Corona virus.

Hassan al-Mabhouh, the Ministry's quarantine official in the central region, said that they are provided with health care around the clock, and provide medicines and supplies for the three twins (two daughters and a boy), and that they are in good health.

He indicated that several contacts were contacted to secure the needs of the twins throughout the stone period until they leave safely after the 21-day stone period.


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