The number of people with corona increased to 115 after 6 new cases were recorded in Qatana

a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, Deputy Head of the Media Emergency Committee, Ghassan Nimer, announced this morning, Monday, the registration of 6 new cases of "Corona virus", in addition to another infection announced at dawn today, in the town of Qatana northwest of Jerusalem , Bringing the number of wounded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to 115.

Nimer pointed out in the daily morning briefing related to the virus, that among the total cases were 46 cases in Bethlehem, 38 in the villages of Jerusalem, 13 in Ramallah, 9 in the Gaza Strip, 3 in Hebron, two injuries in Tulkarm, and one injury in Nablus , Jericho and Salfit.

Nimer noted that the 115 injuries were for 64 males and 51 females, and that the ages of the injured are distributed among 85 injured people, ages (20-59), and the rest are distributed among children (0-9), they are 4 children, and from (10-19 years) there are 12 cases , And 33 cases aged (20-29).

He continued, and there are 20 cases of ages between (30-39), 13 cases of age between (40-49), 19 cases of age between (50-59), 8 cases of age between (60-69), and from (70-79) there 3 cases.


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