Faris: The lives of the prisoners are in danger and we call for serious and urgent intervention to save them

Qadura Fares, president of the Palestinian Prisoners' Club, said: The danger to our prisoners inside Israeli prisons is increasing day by day, due to the intransigence of the prison administration and its failure to take serious measures in the face of the Coronavirus, calling for serious and urgent intervention to save their lives.

Faris added: The prison administration behaves as the soldiers of the occupation abroad who break into cities, villages and camps, and raid houses, and eat citizens indifferent to the spread of the Corona epidemic, and so the jailers who are still in captivity, and intensively, they break into sections and rooms, They conduct inspections and the like, which poses a risk to the lives of prisoners through the possible spread of the virus by prison guards who may be infected, rather than reducing the level of contact with prisoners, and taking further preventive measures in accordance with WHO instructions.

"There is a decision in the Ministry of the Occupation Army to keep the soldiers away from their families for a month in their barracks, and not to move continuously and friction with their families to reduce the possibility of contracting the virus, and this also calls for prison guards to be subject to such measures, not to communicate with their families," faris said. Their communities, and then they return to their work in prisons, which would pose a danger to prisoners."

He said: The current difficult circumstances in the time of Corona really call for great pressure on the occupation government, which has not taken any action concerning the prisoners, and the rights of the prisoners and the humanitarian aspect must be taken into account in these circumstances, but the occupying forces do not pay any attention to these aspects, so there were Calls from President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Ashtiya for organizations and human rights organizations around the world, notably the International Committee of the Red Cross, to work for the release of sick prisoners, children and women, in addition to the need to stop the policy of administrative detention, and therefore the status of prisoners Dangerously, we follow every small and large that has occurred inside prisons.

"The spread of corona in prisons, God forbid, will pose a threat to 800 prisoners and prisoners of war who are seriously and chronically ill, and prison clinics are not equipped with adequate medical supplies, and there will be no proactive screening for diseases," Faris warned.

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