High number of deaths from the Corona virus in "Israel" to 12

Media and medical sources said "Israeli" that the number of deaths as a result of the "Corona" virus emerging from the Israeli occupation has risen to 12, following the death of elderly people (80 years) this afternoon, Friday.

The sources pointed out that the elderly died from infection with the Corona virus, and one of them was lying in the "Wolfson" hospital in Holon and another in the "Rambam" hospital in Haifa .

The Ministry of Health said, "Israeli", according to what was reported by the "Lala News" Hebrew site, that the number of cases of "Corona" virus has reached 3035; 49 of them were described as seriously ill, 60 were in moderate condition, and the rest were described as minor .

An Israeli army spokesman said that 45 soldiers had been diagnosed with the Corona virus, while 4156 were quarantined .

Moshe Bar Siman Tov, director general of the Israeli Ministry of Health, told the Corona Virus Control Committee in the Knesset (parliament) that he believes that within a week from now Israel will have 200 people in serious condition with the Covid 19 virus .

He added that the next two weeks would be "critical", warning that there is a high possibility of the virus spreading: "We are really afraid of Easter and Ramadan. These crowds are the most dangerous . "

And "Israel" was closed to stop the spread of the virus, while allowing Israelis to leave their homes for basic reasons only, such as buying food and medicine or seeking medical care.


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