The latest developments in the emerging epidemic of Corona in the world

Here are the latest developments in the Covid-19 epidemic, which caused about 22 thousand deaths in the world, where more than three billion people were invited to stay in their homes:

The US Senate unanimously approved a "historic" plan of two billion dollars to support the first economy in the world strangled by the epidemic of the emerging Corona virus, which has killed more than a thousand people in the United States so far. The House still has to adopt the plan on Friday before the president approves it.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday the launch of an operation to mobilize the armed forces in order to assist the population on the logistical and health levels, especially in French overseas territories.

On Thursday morning, patients with the disease took a train equipped with medical equipment to take them from eastern France to Western hospitals, a precedent in Europe.

Russia has announced the suspension of all international flights from midnight on Thursday, Friday, according to a government decree that includes a series of new measures to combat the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

From Saturday, Moscow closes all non-essential restaurants and shops. People over the age of 65 who suffer from chronic diseases are prevented from leaving their homes from Thursday.

The epidemic has killed at least 21,873 people worldwide since its appearance in December in China, according to a tally compiled by AFP on Thursday at 11:00 GMT, according to official sources.

481,300 cases have been officially confirmed in 182 countries and regions since the beginning of the epidemic, including 25,068 cases in Europe, the most affected continent.

The European branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) spoke of "encouraging signs" Thursday of the slow spread of the emerging Corona virus on European soil, although the situation remains serious.

Italy, which recorded the first death at the end of February, is the country worst affected in terms of death toll, with 7503 deaths out of 74,386 injuries. Italian authorities said that 9,362 people have recovered.

Spain comes after Italy in this regard, with 4089 deaths and 56188 injuries, then China with 3287 deaths (81285 injuries), followed by Iran with 2234 deaths (29406 injuries) and France 1331 deaths (25233 injuries).

The newly created Corona crisis will cause a 2% contraction in the euro area and Britain this year, according to Standard & Poor's credit rating agency.

Austria expects a 2.5% decrease in its GDP in 2020.

In Asia, GDP decreased by 2.2% in the first quarter, in its worst performance since 2008.

Bolivia declared Wednesday a state of health emergency until April 15 with the aim of "imposing respect for the quarantine" in effect since Sunday, with the largest participation of the army and police in monitoring and border closures.

Chief Financial Officer Ibrahim Abu Bakr Keita announced a curfew on Wednesday, but confirmed that the legislative elections will be held on Sunday as expected.

Earlier, the authorities announced that they had registered the first two confirmed cases of developing coronavirus in Mali for citizens who had returned from France in mid-March.

The Finnish government announced on Wednesday evening the isolation of Helsinki and its environs, the largest outpost for the outbreak of the new Coruna virus in Finland from Friday to April 19.

Two Italian journalists reported that Pope Francis was not infected with the new Corona virus after undergoing the required examination, noting that he held the daily morning mass at his residence.

And the correspondents of the newspapers, "Misajiro" and "Fatu Kotediano" in the Vatican, said that the Pontiff was examined on Wednesday after it was confirmed that the same day a cleric had been injured in the same place for years. This examination was conducted for all those who work in the House of St. Marta, especially the working group close to the Pope, and the results of all the tests were negative, according to what the newspapers reported, quoting sources inside the Vatican.


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