Gaza: A $ 23 million distress is launched to confront Corona and is considering the possibility of a curfew

The governmental Information and Information Center in the Gaza Strip launched, on Thursday evening, a distress call for all international and international agencies, humanitarian and medical institutions, to provide an initial amount of up to 23 million dollars as a first response to face the epidemic in Gaza.

Ashraf Al-Qidra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, during the daily briefing, pointed out that the health system in Gaza suffers from a major collapse, and suffers from a severe shortage of medicines and medical consumables, laboratory supplies, blood banks and laboratory testing.

Al-Qudra affirmed that the Crisis Cell Management Committee in Gaza is seriously considering taking strict measures, including a curfew, noting that no decision has been taken yet to estimate the cell that citizens are highly responsible and aware.

He demanded that citizens adhere to their homes as much as possible and limit their movements to extreme necessity, especially in the evening hours.

He noted that markets and commodities are monitored and merchants ’behavior is monitored and the Ministry of Health inspection teams also follow-up around the clock to all pharmaceutical institutions to monitor their compliance with prices, especially with regard to medical supplies, sterilizers, and medicines.

Regarding the injuries, Al-Qudra affirmed that no new injuries were recorded. Noting that what has been recorded so far since the middle of this month to 9.

He pointed out that the seven cases that had been announced last night had been quarantined. Pointing out that they are in contact with cases from abroad and they are security men, and no cases were recorded from inside Gaza.

He indicated that the quarantine will be completely finished this evening for 2708 of the returnees to the Gaza Strip who were spending the time of the quarantine since the date of the 13th of this month. He pointed out that their health is good and there were no health side effects on them.


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