$ 463,636 from Japan to support women´s health and urgent protection needs

 The Government of Japan has donated $ 463,636 to support the humanitarian response to the United Nations Population Fund for protection and provide medical needs for women and girls, including prevention and treatment of breast cancer in Palestine.

The grant will enable UNFPA to assist an estimated 35,000 people, especially women and girls, including training 100 health-care providers. It builds on 5 years of successful cooperation between the Government of Japan, the Ministry of Health and the United Nations Population Fund, which has so far reached more than a quarter of a million women by raising awareness and accessing services, including palliative services and psychosocial support.

According to an evaluation of the project in 2018, it was found that the beneficiaries needed less time between the date of confirmation of cancer screening and the start of treatment, that is, from six months to only seven days.

The United Nations Population Fund will also work closely with the Ministry of Health, a Japanese non-governmental organization called the Campaign for Palestine Children "CCP", the Palestinian Medical Relief Society and other NGOs, as well as national health care centers, to ensure access to sexual and reproductive health services , Including family planning services, safe deliveries and care during pregnancy and postpartum for pregnant women and women of childbearing age. The grant will also support midwifery and breast cancer programs; raise awareness, screening and access to services through mobile clinics, benefits and community campaigns.

“This grant is a symbolic support from the Japanese people who are in solidarity with you to improve reproductive health services for Palestinian women and girls. Our message through this project is that Japan is a friend in distress,” said Masayuki Majushi, Ambassador of Palestinian Affairs and representative of Japan to Palestine. The United Nations Population (UNFPA) is one of our important partners in implementing humanitarian assistance targeting women's health and protection in Palestine. "

"The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) expresses its thanks and appreciation to the government and people of Japan for their continued support and dedication to improving care and rights for the reproductive and sexual health of women and girls in Palestine," said Christine Blockhouse, the fund's representative.


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