"Women Action" calls for an international campaign to release children and women prisoners

The Federation of Palestinian Women’s Work Committees called for the launching of an urgent international campaign to release prisoners, especially children and women, from the prisons of the Israeli occupation, while the world stands united to find all health and environmental measures to confront a pandemic Corona that threatens all of humanity.

The Federation pointed out in a statement issued today, that about 200 captive children, and 43 female captives, including mothers, patients and the elderly, are still living behind bars under very fragile health, humanitarian and environmental conditions and are ready for the outbreak of the Corona virus, which will definitely endanger their lives and lives. .

The Union asked about the fate of these prisoners and women prisoners, especially with the rapid spread of the disease and the inability of the global health systems to absorb the scale of its spread, and with the racist nature of the occupation, which does not provide the requirements for human life and a healthy environment with its minimum limits.

The Federation of Women’s Work Committees called on the Ministry of Palestinian Women’s Affairs, the General Union of Palestinian Women, women's institutions and centers, human rights institutions, and the Ministry of Prisoners ’Affairs in Palestine to adopt this campaign and work to spread it, expand it, and internationalize it.

It also called on the International Women's Democratic Union (IANDA), the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Initiative (IFE), the Arab Women's Union, and other regional and international women's institutions to join this campaign, to address the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Human Rights Council and other international bodies to pressure the government of Israel and its demand to release children and women Palestinian women whose lives are threatened according to the conditions in which they live, according to the WHO warnings and instructions to prevent corona virus.

In its statement, the Federation affirmed that it will continue to work towards launching this international campaign to pressure the release of Palestinian children and women through its membership and role in the General Union of Women and the Palestinian Feminist Movement, its membership in the International Women's Democratic Union and the Euro-Mediterranean Feminist Initiative, and its relationship with a number of regional networks, to empower children And the captive women of being in the arms of their families are like all the families of the world in this difficult period of human history.


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