The occupation demands that the residents of the Red Khan demolish their homes with their hands.

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The occupation authorities on Sunday morning gave the residents of the village of al-Khan al-Ahmar, east of the occupied city of Jerusalem, until the first of October month to evacuate and demolish the houses themselves, otherwise the Supreme Court's decision on the demolition would be implemented.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces surrounded the tent of solidarity in the village, and handed over to the parents and the protesters an order in this regard, which includes all the "buildings in the area of the Red Khan".

The occupying forces continue with military reinforcements to prevent citizens and activists from reaching the village by erecting and inspecting roadblocks.

The open-ended sit-in with our people in Al-Khan al-Ahmar continues for the 19th consecutive day, amid national and international presence and solidarity.

The Israeli Supreme Court, on 5 November, rejected the villagers ' petition against their eviction, their deportation, the demolition of the village, and approved their demolition within a week.

Some 200 Palestinians, 53% of them children, and 95% of refugees registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) reside in the village east of Jerusalem.

The Israeli Supreme Court decided in May last May to demolish the village, which has a school serving 170 students, from several places in the area.


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