Daniel Craig refuses to give a single penny of his wealth to his children

The British actor, Daniel Craig, the hero of the British secret agent James Bond, insists on not giving a single child to his children from his wealth, on the pretext that the legacy is abhorrent.

Craig, who is 52, stressed that he had no intention of passing his fortune on to his children, because his own philosophy is "to get rid of money or donate it before death," according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

Daniel Craig's wealth is estimated at $ 146 million.

Daniel Craig has a son from his first wife, Fiona Lydon, named "Ella", who is 28 years old, along with a two-year-old boy, who gave birth to his current wife, British actress, Rachel Weisz.

Despite earning 18 million pounds for starring in James Bond's latest movie, "No Time to Die", Daniel Craig said in a new interview with "Saga" magazine: "I don't want to leave big sums for the next generation."

He continued: "I think the inheritance is very abhorrent, and my philosophy is to dispose of or donate money before you die."

The movie "No Time to Die" was scheduled for release next April 2, but his producing company decided to postpone its launch in cinemas until November 12, due to the emerging "Corona" virus.

Source: Sputnik


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