"Health" Gaza calls on the international community to lift the siege to meet "Corona"

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza appealed to the international community to work to lift the Israeli blockade of the blockaded enclave for 13 years, in order to be able to face the new "Corona" epidemic.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry in the Gaza Strip, Youssef Abu Al-Rish, said in a written statement to him: "We raise the voice loudly to the whole world that the siege on the sector must be lifted to enable it to face the Corona epidemic."

He added: "We reassure the Palestinian public in the Gaza Strip that it is free of any disease except for the two cases that were announced," stressing "the high readiness of the medical staff to deal with the cases."

He explained that a group of health crews had been sorted to follow the areas separated, and a series of safety measures taken to ensure enhanced protection and protection had been activated.

At dawn on Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the discovery of the first two cases, "Corona" virus in the Gaza Strip, bringing the number of people infected with the virus in the territories of the Palestinian National Authority (West Bank and Gaza Strip) to 59.

And the Israeli occupation imposes a strict siege on the Gaza Strip for 13 years, as it closes all border crossings and ports that connect Gaza with the outside world through Egypt or the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, except for partially opening them to enter some goods and travelers.

The blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip affected the health status of the Strip, which led to the decline of the health system in light of the lack of medicine to record levels.

As of Sunday, Corona had infected more than 311,000 worldwide, more than 13,000 of whom had died, mostly in Italy, China, Iran, Spain, South Korea, Germany, France and the United States, and recovered 95,829.

The worldwide spread of the virus has forced many countries to close their borders, declare a curfew, suspend flights, cancel numerous events, and prevent gatherings, including group prayers.


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