6 new cases of CORONA virus in Palestine

 The number of people infected with Coronavirus in the West Bank and Gaza Strip increased to 59, after 6 new infections were announced.

Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said, today, Sunday, that 6 new infections were recorded with the Corona virus, 4 in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, and two cases in Gaza that did not enter the sector, bringing the number of infections in Palestine to 59, 17 of which were similar to recovery.

On the other injuries in Ramallah, including two cases of contacts of the injured woman in Shuqba, where tests showed the injury of her twentieth sister, and the daughter of the injured (Celine, 8 years old), and a injury in Qalandia for Stenis that was transferred to him from his wife who carries the identity of the Green Line, and another wounded who mixed with one of the wounded in Ramallah.

Melhem added that the number of injuries settled in 42 cases after the recovery of 17 people in Bethlehem.

Tests of contacts of injured relatives in Qalandia camp with his relatives in Jalazoun camp showed no injuries.


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