Lebanon: 43 new cases of coronavirus and high infections to 206

The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced in two statements, today, Saturday, the registration of 43 new cases confirmed in the laboratory with Corona virus (Covid-19), bringing the total number of people infected in Lebanon to 206 cases, while the minister was reported to be infected Previous Muhammad al-Safadi with the virus.

A statement issued by the office of the wife of Safadi, former minister Violet Khairallah, said that her husband is in good condition and will soon join the list of those who have recovered from the virus, confirming that she is in the home quarantine as well as all those who mixed with Safadi.

The Ministry of Health has warned that Lebanon's casualty figures indicate the start of the deployment phase, stressing the implementation of all preventive measures.

And considered that "the commitment to complete domestic stone has become an individual moral and societal responsibility that is incumbent on every citizen, and that any complacency in its application will expose its owner to legal and criminal prosecution."

On Sunday, Lebanon announced public mobilization and health emergencies until March 29 to restrict the spread of the virus, and the government decided to close all sea, land and air outlets from March 18 to 29, in addition to closing public institutions and all educational institutions and stopping work in private companies.


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