A mating ceremony for spiders turns a Greek lake into an abandoned vault.

Greece _ Agencies

One of the most picturesque coastal lagoons in the world appeared to be the cellar of an abandoned house, after it covered thick and sticky spiders ' tissues on the greenery surrounding the lake in the Greek city of Itulico.

They have published Tetragnatha-type spiders, tissues them along the lake. Hundreds of species of these spiders, known as "extended spiders", live because of their long bodies, in different parts of the world.

Wildlife experts say it is fashionable that spiders build huge nests for mating, especially when the atmosphere is hot and humid with the end of the summer.

"The high temperatures in Greece create an ideal breeding climate," said Maria Chazaki, professor of molecular biology and genetics at the Greek University of Demostritus.

You probably won't stay long.

"It seems as if spiders exploit these weather conditions and have some kind of party," she told the Greek news site. It mate and produces a whole new generation.  "

These spiders do not cause permanent damage to plants in the area. They are also likely not to stay long.

"There are huge h numbers of male and female spiders mate (bottom tissue)," Chatzaki explained. They will die soon.

The images of spiders spread widely after the Greek citizen Gianes Gianopolopoulos, published on his page on the site "Facebook ", and described it as a "strange and unprecedented scene."


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