Melhem: 41 of 2946 samples were examined since the beginning of the "Corona" crisis, and 79 were being examined

The government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, confirmed this evening, Tuesday, that the total number of samples that have been examined since the beginning of the crisis until now has reached 2946 eyes.

Melhem pointed out during the daily evening briefing that the number of completed samples from all the samples taken since the beginning of the crisis is 2885 samples, while those that are currently under examination are 79 samples, while the number of those infected with these samples is 41 injured.

Melhem mentioned the injured case that was discovered for a young man from Ramallah, and said: "The patient was examined at the Karama crossing, and he did not come into contact with anyone.

On the other hand, Melhem said: "The National Emergency Committee chaired by Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh met today, and took many decisions that are aimed at achieving the goal that the government has taken of measures under the ongoing state of emergency, which relate to not spreading the epidemic and besieging it and reducing its spread and lack of expansion within Palestine".

He continued: "Among those decisions is to give Palestinian workers in Israel a period of 3 days to arrange their affairs for overnight in their workplaces in coordination with their employers, as it will prevent movement between the Palestinian territories and the interior after the end of the granted period," while the workers who work in illegal settlements on our lands demanded not to go To her, in the interest of their safety, their family and their people, after numerous casualties were recorded between the settlements.

And Muhammed stressed that "Israel bears full responsibility for the Palestinians in Jerusalem as an occupying power and must take all measures to protect them and preserve their safety." He stressed that the National Emergency Committee holds Israel responsible for the lives of Jerusalemites and for providing all requirements for sterilizing the city, noting that there are attacks on young men Those who sterilize the city and carry out arrests against them, "These measures violate Israeli responsibility as an occupying power, which must carry out its duty towards Jerusalemites."

On another matter, Melhem said: "There is coordination between the brothers in Egypt and Jordan towards closing the bridges and crossings completely and in both directions except for the commercial movement and humanitarian cases and within agreed safety measures between the two sides." In various countries of the world and the work necessary to protect them, as we are coordinating with the Jordanian government for the return of Palestinian citizens arriving at the airport who were placed in quarantine in Jordan in a manner that guarantees safety for both sides. "

Meanwhile, Melhem stressed that "all medical assistance provided by the World Health Organization and friendly countries has the address of the Ministry of Health to receive medical aid, the Ministry of Finance to receive financial aid, and the Ministry of Social Affairs to receive humanitarian and relief assistance."

Melhem indicated that this is the most prominent of what took place during this day, from meetings and meetings, to prevent the spread of the epidemic and restrict the movement of travelers, as the epidemic is transmitted by travel and mixing, therefore the measures will be applied from the moment in terms of the non-expansion of this epidemic.


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