The child´s recovery, miles, brings hope and joy to the Palestinians

 The child, Mila Jihad Shouka, who did not complete the second year of his life, recovered from Virus Corona, which gave joy back to the family home, which lived ten days of grief and fear for the youngest person who suffers from the disease.

This evening, Monday evening, I officially announce that the child's tests are negative (meaning that they are free of illness).

The family's joy, as its anxiety, spread to Palestine, where hundreds expressed through social media their happiness that the little girl had recovered from the disease, which turned into a nightmare around the world.

The story of the girl, Milla, started tragically when it became clear that her maternal uncle, Sultan Nasser, a young man working in the tourism sector, was infected with the virus, and before that he visited the house of his sister (Mila's mother) and mixed with the family.

Samples were taken from Jihad Shouka, his wife and his child, and waiting for the family for the results of the tests. The father and mother lived a "difficult time, anxiety and fear" as Jihad says, "My nerves collapsed, worrying about my wife and daughter," when he learned that he was healthy and that his daughter was infected with the virus.

"The news was like a thunderbolt and there was a breakdown inside the house," Jihad said, explaining that he had chosen (Jihad) to keep his daughter in the house isolated, but the child who kidnapped the attention and grief of the entire Palestinian community, especially when they were watching the arrival clips of the father while he was walking with the little girl around the house, which is He wears a protective dress and tries all the time to persuade her that he is her father, and that he was forced to wear this dress for her safety. "


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