Airbnb allows cancellation of reservation free of charge due to SK

Airbnb Company for Renting Units and Residential Rooms via the Internet has modified the cancellation policy due to the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) in the countries of the world, to allow users to cancel their reservations In specific countries without any fees or fines.

The company said that customers who booked a unit or apartment room through "Air BNP" in China, South Korea, Italy or the United States, can cancel the reservation without any fees or fines.

According to the amendments published by the company on the "News" page on its website, it is possible to cancel all bookings that were made in the United States before the 14th of March and that will be executed until the first of next April without any fines.

TechCrunch, a tech topic, says these time limits for the new cancellation policy seem reasonable, because it mainly covers reservations made by users before conditions in the United States change due to restrictions and measures taken to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Air BNP said in its news release that it will continue to assess the situation, which means that the determinants of the mitigating circumstances covered by the new policy can be changed.

The company also decided to allow users who booked from the United States rooms or housing units in the countries of the European Unified Visa Area (Shenzhen) to cancel the reservation without any fees.

And I decided to allow each of the barriers or owners of housing units from all over the world to cancel the reservation or offer without fees if it was due to the commitment imposed by the health authorities in the country to limit the spread of the virus, or because of medical examinations or subject to health isolation due to the Corona virus, Or as a result of canceling flights or banning land travel due to Corona.


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