The Vatican cancels public celebrations for Easter because of Corona

The Vatican announced today, Sunday, that Pope Francis will not preside over any public celebration of Easter due to the Corona virus, which is an unprecedented step in the modern era.

"All liturgical celebrations of the Holy Week will take place without the presence of participants," said a statement issued by the office of the Pontifical Headquarters.

The Passover, which falls this year April 12, is the most important Christian occasion, as it celebrates the resurrection of Christ according to the Christian religion. There are many celebrations that precede Easter, during the so-called Holy Week.

Among these celebrations is the Good Friday Procession, which kicks off in the evening of the Colosseum in Rome, known as the Via Crucifix, led by the Pope and attended by thousands of participants.

Because of the Corona virus outbreak (Covid19-), the Vatican has already canceled public interviews of Pope Francis and also the Angelus Sunday prayers, which are now being broadcast online.

The Vatican said today that this will continue until 12 April.

Public gatherings have been canceled in countries across Europe as the continent faces an increased number of cases of corona.

Late Friday, the WHO chief declared that Europe is now the epidemic, overcoming China as the epicenter of the virus.

Italy - the country most affected by the virus outside the country in which it first appeared - recorded more than 21,000 cases and 1,441 deaths as of late Saturday.


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