India: promoting cow urine as a treatment for the emerging corona virus

(AFP) - Dozens of Hindu activists held a "Bull Cow Party" in the Indian capital on Saturday to protect themselves from the new Corona virus while countries of the world struggle to control the deadly epidemic.

Members of the "India India Hindu Mahasha" party and its supporters organized special rituals and drank muddy mugs to fight the Covid 19 epidemic caused by the emerging coronavirus during a gathering in New Delhi called the "Gomotra (cow cow)" party.

Many in this Hindu majority country of 1.3 billion people consider that cows are sacred, and in recent years, they have made numerous assertions that this liquid is a drink with medicinal benefits, allegations that critics rejected and considered it as an outgrowth.

"Whoever drinks cow urine will be treated and will be protected," Harry Shankar Kumar, a volunteer at the event, told AFP while giving "treatment" in brown clay cups.

Governments and scientists have said that there is no drug or vaccine available to protect or treat people with the virus that has killed more than 5,400 people and infected about 150,000 people on six continents.

Two people have died in India and more than 80 have been infected with the Coronavirus, and the government has ordered the closure of some land routes within the country and canceled all visas in an attempt to limit its spread in the world's second most populous country.

"The A Coruna virus is a bacterium and cow urine is effective against all harmful bacteria," said Om Prakash, a participant from the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh.

Some members of the Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi party claim that cow urine has medicinal benefits and can even treat cancer.

A Moody lawmaker suggested last week that cow urine and even dung can treat the emerging coronavirus.

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