IOF arrest nine citizens and confiscate money

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The Israeli occupation forces are arresting nine Palestinians from various areas of the West Bank, and thousands of people are being confiscated for allegedly being assigned to support operations.

The Israeli occupation army arrested at dawn on Tuesday the captive lecturer Ghassan Tufaan and confiscated a vehicle belonging to his family, in the area of the pastes in the city of Nablus.

Israeli occupying forces raided the area of Safa, north of the town, and arrested a young man, Jamal Ali Hasan, 19.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Qarwa Bani Hassan, west of Salfit, and arrested Iyad Azat Assi and Momen Mohammed Marmari, after raiding a number of citizens ' houses and tampering with their contents.

From the area of Kabatiya south of Jenin, the liberated captive occupation was arrested for the sake of the Turk, and the Captive house, Ali Tayseer Zakarneh, was raided after storming into the town of Kabatiya and raiding and searching their houses, resulting in clashes between the youths and the occupation forces.



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