Gaza: Exploiting the disruption of schools to confront the "Corona" for entertainment

Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip face the spread of the Coronavirus in the West Bank, neighboring countries and regions, and measures to prevent it, with great challenge by reviving the manifestations of life despite the difficult siege that has been under way for many years.

These families took advantage of the conditions of disruption of educational life in schools as a measure taken by the competent authorities to prevent the spread of the virus, the best exploitation to entertain their children by resorting to public parks and seaside, especially in the warm and beautiful atmosphere of days.

These families took their children to public areas in clear defiance of the virus, which is paralysing the movement of citizens in neighbouring countries, and in the homeland of the "West Bank", which has also been forced to take more precautionary measures regarding the closure of cafes, restaurants and others, for fear of further spread of the virus.

Um Mohammed, a mother of four who took them to the public park in Khanyounis in the southern Gaza Strip, said she took advantage of the pleasant spring atmosphere to go out with her children and walk with them to change the psychological situation and the pressure they experienced due to the difficult school season they were going through for reasons related to the curriculum and others.

She stressed that she was not afraid of anything and that her children were in regular contact with their cousins, noting that Gaza is safe and there are no injuries at the moment, making citizens more comfortable and calmer.

She said she took her sister Um Khaled and her children to the park with her, who in turn was standing next to her children, who were having fun with toys in the provincial public park.

Dozens of children and their families were observed at the place, amid a state of great joy that these children and their families are suffering without fear of any disease, although the talk of parents was mostly about the developmentof the virus, which is becoming more widespread.

Fadel al-Najjar and his wife were more careful than other families, as he tried to keep his three children next to him, and they were matching the other children having fun and playing, before allowing them to do so at their insistence.

Al-Najjar said he fears for the health of his family, noting that he often talks with his wife about the situation in the world, especially neighboring countries, particularly Bethlehem.

He hoped that all those injured in the West Bank would recover from the serious disease. He stressed that despite the wounds and difficult circumstances experienced by the Gaza Strip and its residents, they feel the pain and pain of what has happened to their families in the West Bank.

He said he is following with interest the news about infections in the West Bank and is following the permanent guidance from the Ministry of Health in Gaza and the West Bank on the disease. At the same time, he said, this does not prevent him from taking his children to parks, the seaside and even restaurants.

A tour of all areas of the Gaza Strip shows the presence of entire families on the seafront in various governorates, as well as in all parks, in a refreshing aspect of my life that has been dominated by the spirit of life, fear and panic of the disease that is spreading around the world.

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