China pledges faster development of fifth generation technology despite epidemic

 China will accelerate the development of 5G telecommunications technology to boost economic performance in the battle against the new Corona virus outbreak, according to a seminar attended by the heads of China's largest mobile network operators.

Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said the fifth generation technology plays an important role not only in fighting the epidemic and resuming work, but also in encouraging investment, consumption and economic uplift as well.

Chen added that measures will be adopted to accelerate the construction of the 5G network in areas with low health risks. He pointed to the need to enrich the application of fifth generation technology and make more efforts to develop a platform on which the economy depends.

Chen also noted that the coordinated development of enterprises in the industrial chain of 5G technology, research in core 5G technology and related international cooperation should be encouraged.

The country's three major telecom operators said that 80 percent of construction work for the country's 5G network was on schedule in the first two months, while more than 550,000 5G base stations are expected to be operational across the country by the end of this year .

The investment in fifth-generation technology infrastructure will increase widely in 2020 to about 120 billion yuan (about 17.3 billion US dollars), according to a report released by S&P Global (China) estimate.


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