Iran .. Corona´s death toll rises to 145, including a female parliamentarian

Today, Saturday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that the number of deaths due to the new Corona virus has risen to 145, including a female parliamentarian, and infections to 5, 823 people nationwide.

The ministry's public relations official, Kyanosh Jahanpour, told a news conference that the number of deaths due to "corona" had risen to 145 after 21 deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours.

He pointed to the registration of one thousand and 76 new injuries, bringing the total number of injured to 5 thousand and 823 people.

The Iranian official stated that the majority of casualties were recorded in the provinces of Tehran, Ghilan, Qom, Mazandaran, Isfahan and Alborz.

He pointed out that 669 people left the hospital after recovering from the virus.

In the same context, Iranian state television stated that the deputy Fatima Rahbar, 55, died in a hospital in the capital, Tehran, where she was undergoing treatment after she was infected with the virus.

Rahbar finally won the legislative elections held on the 21st of last February.

Rahbar took a seat during the seventh, eighth and ninth sessions in the Iranian parliament.

The mysterious virus appeared in China, for the first time on December 12, 2019, in the city of "Wuhan", but Beijing officially revealed it in mid-January.

According to the latest official statistics, the virus has infected more than 100 thousand around the world, while the number of deaths exceeded 3 thousand and 500 people, mostly in China, South Korea, Iran and Italy, while the rate of infections in China decreased the virus's habitat.

Countries are still taking strict precautions to contain the virus, which has continued to spread in 93 countries.

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