Al-Khudari: Unemployment among women in Gaza is close to 90%

Jamal Al-Khudari, head of the Popular Committee to Confront the Siege, said today that the unemployment rate among women in the Gaza Strip has increased significantly, and has increased by 16 percent over the past two years, now approaching 90 percent.

Al-Khudari said in a press statement on the occasion of International Women's Day, that the percentage of women in Palestinian society was 49 percent (half of society).

He said: "Palestinian women suffer due to the Israeli aggression, most notably the blockade in the Gaza Strip, settlements, the wall and the pursuit in the West Bank and Jerusalem."

He praised the role of women and their participation in all stages of the struggle, calling for giving them more care and attention, as they have a virtue and a safety valve in enhancing the resilience of Palestinian society, he said.

Al-Khudari pointed to the ability of women to give and work in all fields, directing them to salutations while bearing the burdens, and facing challenges with steadfastness and steadfastness in light of the occupation, blockade, Judaization and continuous aggression.

He stressed the need for stronger mobility from institutions and bodies concerned with women's rights, to advocate and support Palestinian women in light of the Israeli aggressions against them.

He said: "The Palestinian woman is the mother, sister and wife, and she faced the occupation, its policies and procedures, alongside the men."

Al-Khudari pointed to the suffering of a woman who lost her husband, son, home, income source, families, persecution, and deportation, and lived poverty, unemployment, and deprivation of her most basic rights, in addition to her suffering due to the continuation of the division and its catastrophic effects on the Palestinian people.

Al-Khudari stressed the need to direct official support to women's institutions because of their great importance in society and to give them full opportunity to exercise their role assigned to them, and to invest energies, especially the distinct, through creative projects that contribute to solving daily crises and overcoming the reality of suffering.


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