Pompeo at AIPAC: "Nobody Loves Israel More Than Trump and His Team"

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech Monday evening to the Israel Lobby, "The American Israel Public Relations Committee - AIPAC", in which he elaborated on the glorification of Israel, its greatness, and the amount of love that he and US President Donald Trump and his entire administration For the Hebrew state, reiterating traditional expressions of shared values ​​and interests between the United States and Israel.

Pompeo chanted in the conference hall in front of thousands of supporters of Israel and the right-wing Israeli currents, and the advocates of settlement from the purely "missionary Christians", echoing the tone that US Vice President Mike Pines played at noon Monday in the same place, stressing that "you must know that there is no President and there is no administration that loves Israel more than President Trump and our team. "

Pompeo reviewed his qualifications as a staunch supporter of AIPAC saying, "When I was a member of Congress, I got to know the AIPAC team; they were relentless (insisting on the defender of Israel" and I loved them. It's great, being here with many great friends Supporters of the relationship between America and Israel.

"I do not want to review before you things that we did (for Israel) in three years, but I will review our accomplishments since I was here last time (last year), so let's take a look" at that, highlighting "we have announced the truth The rationale is that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank are not in themselves incompatible with international law: We launched President Trump's vision of peace (The Deal of the Century) and <President Trump shook one of the worst anti-Semites in the world, the terrorist Qassem Soleimani (who was assassinated by the United States) On 1/3/2020).

Pompeo said, "What really matters is that the countries of the Middle East and the world are beginning to realize now the meaning and ability of Israel to continue; they realize that the more the Middle East embraces Israel, the brighter their future," noting that "under President Trump, Israel is no longer an outcast, Rather, a partner that shares many commonalities like us with the pioneering spirit; fundamental rights and freedoms, including religious and pluralistic freedom, "claiming" that Israel brings a strong economy and a new and innovative market where entrepreneurship is rewarded. "

Pompeo boasted that, "Last December, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans for his government to pass the BDS (anti-Palestinian movement) law. In the same month, French parliamentarians voted to declare anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism, as I said last year. Meanwhile, Greece and Cyprus pursued a new energy partnership with Israel, as did Egypt and Jordan ... Guatemala, Honduras and Nauru also recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and Brazil says it intends to do so.

Pompeo accused Iran of "being the first country to sponsor anti-Semitism in the world is the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the regime continues to fuel hatred of Jews to serve their corrupt goals, through textbooks, state media propaganda, and poisonous ads to their unelected leaders."

Pompeo denounced the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which announced the names of 112 companies last month operating in settlements in the occupied West Bank, vowing that the states taking will take punitive measures against anyone trying to boycott the companies whose names are announced.

Pompeo pointed to Bahrain and the UAE as an example of normalization with Israel and that there are relations between Israel and the Gulf states citing, saying, "Last year, our Bahraini friends allowed Israeli journalists a visit for the first time since 1994; while I remember I was in that room (at the White House) when The ambassadors of the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates attended the White House ceremony that revealed the vision of peace (Deal of the Century), where President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered speeches (at the ceremony on 28/2020).


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