Electronic tension sensor

 Researchers at the Caltech Institute of Technology in the United States have developed an electronic sensor that works wirelessly to determine the level of tension a person feels by measuring the level of cortisol in the race, a substance known as " Stress hormone.

The website "Phys dot org", which specializes in technology, stated that developing a new cheap device that can accurately measure the level of cortisol may have many applications in different fields, and it can also be modified so that it can monitor different feelings, such as depression and mental disorders, depending It contains hormones in the body, which are all linked to the levels of cortisol in the human body.

The new device consists of graphene and contains a plastic slide with narrow gaps through which the sweat passes to reach highly sensitive sensor units to monitor any chemicals even if they are present in very small quantities in the sweat liquid.

Wei Gao, a medical engineering researcher at Caltec, said that the process of analyzing race with the new device takes no more than several minutes, while the traditional methods take between one to two hours, and may require the drawing of blood samples, adding that "in what It is about measuring stress, time is a very important component. "

"We aim to develop a wearable electronic system that can collect multiple vital data, including user vital signs," he added.


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