84 violations against journalists during the past month

The Committee to Support Journalists said today, Sunday, that it monitored 84 violations of the Israeli occupation in the past February, along with 9 cases of repression of the Palestinian content.

Among the violations, (24) attacks against journalists were observed during the exercise of their activities by targeting them with rubber-coated metal bullets, toxic gas bombs, pepper gas, kicking and hitting, the committee said in a statement. Noting that last month, there was a major attack to prevent journalists from monitoring the violations of the occupation against the Palestinian people, using all kinds of attacks despite their wearing indicating that they are journalists.

During that month, the Israeli occupation authorities stepped up campaigns of arrest, summons, targeting, and deportation of journalists and media workers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Committee recorded during the report the arrest of (4) journalists, media workers and writers who were later released, while it detained (4) others, except for registering (5) cases of extension of detention, postponing a verdict for (2), and issuing a verdict for (1), except for Holding a trial session for (1).

Regarding the prevention of journalists from covering events and following up on work, the report monitored 16 cases of prevention, during which the occupation assaulted and targeted journalists, while 2 cases of travel bans were recorded.

On the side of incursions and raids, the occupation forces launched (3) raids and storming of the homes of journalists and media institutions in which cultural conferences were prevented, and press equipment, cards and IDs (5) were confiscated for two journalists, and the report also documented 7 cases of threats and accusations against journalists.

Regarding the occupation violations against the detained journalists inside the prisons, the report recorded (6) cases during which prisoners captured journalists from meeting with their lawyers, detained journalists were subjected to intense and cruel investigations, not without psychological and physical torture, and the torture of detained journalists and forcing them to pay heavy financial fines, As a condition for their release or house confinement and deportation, which amounted to (4) cases.

On the side of fighting Palestinian content, social media continued to pursue them by deleting, banning and restricting publishing and closing the accounts of many journalists and media workers, under the pretext of violating and violating the so-called “privacy and publishing standards” of Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites.

The February Support Committee report recorded 9 cases in which accounts and pages on social media were deleted and banned.


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