Settlers attack a young man in Hebron and arrest three civilians, in Fawwar

A young man was injured as a result of an attack by settlers during clashes that broke out today, Friday, with the Israeli army in the center of Hebron.

Local sources said that the young Muhammad Hisham Idris (22 years), from the city of Hebron, was hit by a stone in the face by a settler who was accompanied by the occupation forces, who suppressed a peaceful stand condemning the crimes of the occupation of Hebron, and he was transferred to Aley Governmental Hospital.

Clashes also broke out with the occupation forces at the entrance to Al-Fawar camp, south of Hebron, and arrested three citizens: Iyad Fawzi Al-Wawi (23 years old), Yazid Walid Al-Najjar and Jawad Muhammad Hudayb.


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