15 journalists in the occupation prisons

The Prisoners' Club said today, Thursday, that the number of journalists detained in the prisons of the occupation has increased to 15, the oldest of whom is the prisoner Mahmoud Issa from the town of Anata, and who has been detained since 1993, and he is imprisoned for three life sentences (46 Year).

The Al-Asir Club referred to the names of the 15 detained prisoners, namely: Mahmoud Issa, Basem Khandakji, Ahmed Al-Saifi, Mundhir Mufleh, Ahmed Al-Orabid, Izzat Al-Shunnar, Amer Abu Helil, Saleh Al-Amor, Sameh Al-Titi, Qassam Al-Barghouthi, Mustafa Al-Sakhel, and Yazan Abu Salah, Mujahid Bani Muflih in addition to Mays Abu Ghosh and Bushra Al Taweel.

The last of the journalists who were arrested yesterday evening was the journalist Mujahid Bani Muflih from Nablus, where he was arrested while he was traveling from Ramallah to Nablus, while he was accompanied by his wife and two children.

The Al-Asir Club added in a report issued by it, that the occupation authorities have stepped up their procedures against Palestinian journalists since the beginning of this year, including frequent arrest and detention and beatings or shootings.

The Prisoners' Club pointed out that among the captured journalists, the two captives, Mais Abu Ghosh, were subjected to psychological and physical torture that lasted for more than a month at the "Al-Maskubiya" investigation center, and Bushra Al-Taweel, who is held in administrative detention.

It is noteworthy that a court session will be held today for the journalist who weighs Abu Salah from Jenin, while court sessions will be held for four others next March, namely: Sameh Al-Titi, Mays Abu Ghosh, Mustafa Al-Sakhleh, and Qassam Al-Barghouthi, who was subjected to severe torture in the "Al-Maskoubia" detention center.


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