Prisoners´ Authority: Disturbing health conditions for 5 sick prisoners who are held in the occupation prisons

 The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority stated in a report issued on Wednesday noon that five sick prisoners in several Israeli prisons are suffering from disturbing health conditions, due to the deliberate policy of the prison administration against them to ignore their diseases and not to deal with With her in earnest.

In its report, the commission revealed a number of medical conditions, including the case of the detainee Jamal Abu Aram from the town of Yatta, Hebron District, and the one who is in “Ofer” detention center, where he complains of discs that cause him pain. He also suffered a stroke in his left hand, and he needs medical follow-up for his health condition.

While the health condition of the prisoner Ahmad Abu Rumaila (28 years) from the Hebron governorate decreased, after his arrest, he became suffering from a stone bladder, and from severe pain in the kidneys, and the "Ofer" administration provides painkillers without treatment.

While the prisoner Haitham Jaber (45 years), from the town of Haris Salfit District, complains of an enlarged pituitary gland, he was diagnosed during 2016 after a deterioration in his condition and his complaint of severe pain in the head, and despite soreness, the administration of the "Negev" prison is satisfied with conducting checks for him Without providing any therapeutic doses for his condition.

As for the prisoner Fadl al-Karaki (31 years), from the Hebron governorate, who is also in the “Negev” detention camp, he suffers from severe psychological problems, and the prison administration provides him with strong painkillers that keep him almost asleep in a state of wasting and weak.

Also, the prisoner Rabee Farakh (32 years) from the town of Pharaoh, Tulkarem district, who is in Raymond prison, is facing bad health conditions, as he suffers from severe stomach pains and problems in the kidneys and his left ear, and he was transferred for medical examinations, but he did not benefit anything and was provided Analgesics without treatment.


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