Feminist demonstration in Gaza calling for unity and resistance to confront the deal of the century

Dozens of Palestinian women demonstrated in condemnation of Trump's plan entitled "Women of Palestine .. Together to Face the Deal of the Century", in front of the (Tower of Journalists) Showa and Hosri in the center of Gaza City today, with the participation of feminist leaders from the national and Islamic forces.

Participants in the stand called for by the Women's Action Department in the Liberal Movement raised Palestinian flags, pictures of Jerusalem and the map of Palestine, and banners rejecting the Trump-Netanyahu deal.

The leader of the Liberal Movement, Amal Muhaisin, confirmed the refusal of the Palestinian women to Trump's deal, as it "aims to liquidate our Palestinian cause and the inalienable rights of our people."

She called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to "put pressure on the regimes and governments that practice direct and indirect normalization with the occupation, and support our people in their right to their land, as it encourages the occupation to continue its aggression and the American administration to impose and implement its disastrous plot."

Member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front, Suhair Khadr, said that "facing the" deal of the century "and the measures of the occupation on the ground require activating the resistance in all its forms." Judaization. "

She added: The announcement of the "Deal of the Century" constitutes an objective opportunity to restore consideration to national reconciliation, which calls for pushing efforts to achieve unity in accordance with the agreements resulting from the comprehensive national dialogue, usually that "the expansion of the popular movement will constitute a pressure factor in this direction."

Salam Ammar, of the women's movement for Islamic Jihad, said, "The disastrous deal has only one goal, which is to liquidate the Palestinian issue after the setbacks that it was subjected to, which is represented by the (Oslo) agreement and the agreements that came after it that have nothing to do with Palestine's right and its just cause."

She added: "Jerusalem is the capital of eternal Palestine. It does not change its reality by falsifying the counterfeiters or distorting the perverted."


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