See how the longest man in Britain sleeps.

London _ Agencies

The longest man in Britain slept in a specially-made bed, after he had to sleep in a curve, while a furniture shop managed to design a bed suited to the longest man in Britain, published by the British newspaper "Miro".

"The seven-foot basketball player has been forced to sleep diagonally, even making his own furniture shop in Britain a private bed that can sleep comfortably without bothering," said the British newspaper, Miro.

The newspaper said, "Powell Stugeran", who is said to be the longest man in Britain, played at the famous "Harlem Globopters" Club, where he tested his new 8-foot-long bed this week, noting that he was a 30-year-old "Stugerman", resident in Luboro town, in Lestercher inside Britain, he went to a furniture store in Hartelbol, after knowing that he was making furniture on demand from the shopkeeper.

Colin Rafferty, who opened his first shop in 1989, said, "He went to us because he knew we were making detailed furniture and handing it out according to the national level, which includes beds and seats, and we can make anything at the desired size."

" He told us that he always had to sleep diagonally in the normal bed because he was so tall, so this is great that he chose us to make his bed, and it was a great thing to welcome him inside the shop  ".


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