The occupation kills a young man and kidnap his body and injures 4 of them in serious condition south of Gaza Strip

On Sunday morning, a young man was killed and four others were injured when israeli forces opened fire at them east of the town of Al-Farahein, east of Khanyounis in the southern Gaza Strip.

The young man who was martyred was Mohammed al-Naseem, 27, in the Gaza Strip, according to sources in the Gaza Strip on Sunday.

The occupying forces directly targeted the young man and penetrated into his target area before holding his body in a brutal and cruel manner.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that one body of a young man had been targeted along with another young man in the area.

They said that the occupying forces prevented ambulance crews and citizens from reaching the scene to pick up the body of the martyr.

Later, a young man was able to pull the second young man out and was found to be seriously injured and taken for treatment at a hospital in Khanyounis.

Three youths were injured between the middle and the slight as they tried to recover the body of the martyr.

A bulldozer, accompanied by a military vehicle, entered the vicinity of the site of the targeting of the youths, to retrieve the body of the martyr and search for the other.

An Israeli army spokesman claimed that his forces "targeted two gunmen after they approached the security fence and tried to plant an explosive device on the border."

An Israeli military source told Israel's Channel 13 that the two gunmen arrived at the border off a military post north of Khanyounis, likely to be members of The Islamic Jihad.

He noted that the forces of the Kuveer Brigade fired from a light weapon, then fired a "Lau" missile at them, and they were identified directly before they succeeded in planting and operating the device.

Detention and abuse of the body
Photos and videos posted on social media by activists showed the Israeli occupation forces using a criminal and gruesome method as they tried to detain the body of the martyr.

Photos and videos showed a military bulldozer advancing towards youths who tried to retrieve the body of the martyr from the area, as soldiers shot at them near the border.

The military bulldozer quickly advanced towards the youths and they had to leave the body as a result of gunfire and the military bulldozer approaching them.

The bulldozer used its "rams" to lift the body, before "attacking it more than once with the rams."

A military tank arrived next to the bulldozer and was firing, until it was able to recover the body with "the use of iron teeth for rams", in a view that shows the horror of the occupation and its crimes even against the bodies of the martyrs.

Israeli journalists commented on the incident via Twitter as a "war" to get the body between the young men and the army forces, pointing out that the israeli army's insistence on reaching the body comes within the framework of Minister Naftali Bennett's decision to detain the bodies of any martyrs from Gaza to use them as a bargaining chip in any exchange deal with Hamas.

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