Japan.. 60 million dollar virtual business piracy

Tokyo _ Agencies

The company operating for the virtual currency exchange platform  "Zaif" of Japan announced on Thursday its exposure to a major pirate operation, after the disappearance of the equivalent of about $60 million of the virtual currency.

"The virtual currencies stolen from their account include Bitcoin currency and two other currencies," said the Japanese news agency, "Ki-H", quoted by the Osaka-based company Tech Bureau, which owns the currency.

She explained that $40 million of the total amount was assets for customers and the remainder belonged to the company.

It noted that the company had suspended part of its services, including deposit and withdrawal, and notified the investigating authorities in Tokyo of the electronic hacking process.

According to the company, another company (which did not call it) has already approved a study of financial support of USD 44.5 million.

The Financial Services agency had ordered Tech Bureau in March and June this year to improve its operations, citing insufficient procedures to protect customer assets, according to the Japan News Agency (KCNA).

and  "Configure " One of the dozens of electronic currencies, can be compared to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro, but with fundamental differences.

Virtual currencies do not have a serial number and are not controlled by governments and central banks, such as traditional currencies, but are handled only via the Internet, with no physical presence.


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