Settlers assault Palestinian doctor

On Thursday, a Makdessi doctor was beaten and gassed by three settlers in the Har Homa settlement on the land of Jabal Abu Ghneim, which turned into a suburb of Jerusalem.

Our correspondent reported that the specialist of internal diseases and cancers Dr. Osama Dabsh, arrived at one of the houses in the settlement to see a cancer patient and follow up, and he was intercepted by a settlement on the pretext that he parked his car in the place of her car park and when she knew that he was Arab from his accent, I questioned him about why he was in the building and he replied that he He came to see a patient by decision of the hospital where he works, so she summoned the three settlers, beat him severely and sprayed him with gas in the face of a racist attack, and the Israeli police opened an investigation without arresting any of them on the grounds that they are not identified, despite the fact that the area is full of surveillance cameras, I heard the doctor's statement at his home.

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