The conclusion of the activities of the Japanese Culture Exhibition at An-Najah University

Today, the Japanese Culture Club at An-Najah National University concluded the activities of the Japanese Culture Exhibition under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university, in the presence of Yuji Kobo, the official of the Cultural Affairs Department at the Japanese Representative Office.

The exhibition took place over two days, with the aim of introducing university students from various disciplines to Japan as civilization, history, industries, professions, language and urban designs.

The exhibition concluded with an official ceremony that started with the playing of the two national peace, Palestinian and Japanese, and an opening speech for the student, Tariq Sabra, President of the Japanese Culture Club, who thanked the administration of An-Najah University for its support of the club since its foundation.

He pointed out that the university always supports student initiatives, and calls for respect for different cultures, explaining that the club aims to introduce students to Japanese culture and learn from its rich experience, while always sticking to Palestinian culture, customs and traditions.

In turn, Kubo expressed his happiness at being at An-Najah University, which he described as one of the most prestigious Palestinian universities, stressing the friendship and cooperation between Japan and Palestine at the diplomatic and academic levels, praising the university students ’initiative to establish a club of Japanese culture, and affirming their support as a representative of such student initiatives.

The ceremony included a lyric by the student Hanan Camille, who sang the Japanese song (Flowers will open), and a movie called (The Source of the Sun) was shown, a film that talks about Japan produced by the Radio and Television Authority and the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The club honored Professor Iyad Al-Aqra, Director of Student Affairs at the University, and Kobo, and the graduate Muhammad Al-Faris, in appreciation of their continuous support to the club since its foundation, and the divination of the closing ceremony was held by the student Manar Qamhiya.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition included a group of angles, the most important of which are: an introductory corner of the Japanese Culture Club as the first club in the university specializing in a specific culture, an introductory angle in the history of Japan, an angle devoted to Japanese architecture, the angle of myths and legends, the angle of anime and Japanese animation, and the angle of folding art (origami) ), The angle of drawing, the angle of industries, the handcraft angle, and the writing and identification angle in Japanese.


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