Disclosure of an Israeli investigation into the possibility of Gantz´s involvement in a corruption case

The Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharonot revealed, today, Thursday, that there are trends in the Attorney General of the Israeli government, Avihai Mandelblit, to open an investigation into a major fraud case that may be the leader of a blue-white party, Benny Gantz .

According to the newspaper, the case relates to what was known as the "Fifth Dimension Company", which Gantz had previously run. Noting that, until now, there is no evidence of Gantz's involvement in the company's corruption file.

The issue mainly relates to the Israeli police attempting to conclude a deal with the company itself without bidding, and with an amount of 4 million shekels in order to conduct an experiment in the field of artificial intelligence, but the implementation process did not take place even though it would have cost 50 million shekels if it went into effect.

The disclosure of this case comes 11 days before the Israeli elections. Considering this an important development, but no measures or decisions will be taken on it before the elections.

She indicated that a criminal investigation into the case might be opened after the elections, amid suspicions that Gantz was not involved in the case.


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