An Israeli Concern about it - A European Initiative for Joint Recognition of Palestine in Response to the "Deal of the Century"

A group of European countries, led by Luxembourg, is seeking, during a meeting of European Union foreign ministers, to advance an initiative for joint recognition of a Palestinian state, in response to the American political plan called "Deal of the Century".

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jan Asselborn had already discussed the initiative with the foreign ministers of France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Malta and Slovenia, but it is unclear whether they will all support recognition.

The Hebrew newspaper "Haaretz" reported that Israel is concerned about the initiative and is working to curb it, and to achieve this, it sent several messages to countries that might support it, saying, "This is not the time for unilateral recognition in a Palestinian state" because that frustrates the "possibility of direct negotiations between the two parties." About a final settlement. "

She explained that Israel is trying to persuade the foreign ministers of the Union to "give a chance" to the American initiative, noting that Israeli ambassadors in Europe were asked yesterday to exert pressure on foreign ministries in the countries they are in, to avoid rejecting the "deal of the century", and to avoid making statements Strong against it.

The newspaper quoted sources it described as familiar with the talks, without naming them, saying that "Israeli representatives are ready to resume negotiations with the Palestinians, and that the European Union's opposition to the plan will encourage Palestinian rejection."

Israeli officials stated that "the union is unlikely to take a tougher stance than some Arab countries that have not condemned the plan."

A report of the Israeli channel "13" mentioned about a week ago, that Osborne is working on an initiative to push the gathering of European Union member states to a common recognition of the State of Palestine, in response to the American declaration supporting Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, amid Israeli concern that he would receive these Wide response efforts.

The European concern is reinforced by the fact that during the past few years, a number of European countries, including France, Spain and Ireland, have witnessed an escalating discussion regarding the feasibility of their official recognition of the State of Palestine.

The political analyst on the Hebrew Channel, Barak Ravid, quoted officials of the European Union as saying that the Luxembourg Foreign Minister sent a message to the Union's Foreign Minister Joseph Burrell, and the foreign ministers of the 27 member states, in which he stressed that the Union should advance the two-state solution, by creating equal conditions Political between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

Osborne focused during his message on the necessity of holding a discussion session with the participation of all European Union member states, with the aim of examining the possibility of joint recognition of the State of Palestine.

The letter states: "The recognition of the State of Palestine is neither known nor an open mandate, but rather recognition of the right of the Palestinian people to have their own state."

Aselborn added, "Such a step will not be directed against Israel at all. If we want to resolve the conflict, we must not forget Israel's security needs, and the justice and dignity that the Palestinians deserve."

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