Children injured in clashes with Hebron occupation

Hebron _ Palestine News Network

Dozens of school students from the southern region of Hebron were injured Wednesday morning when they inhaled poisonous and toxic gas during confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces.

Clashes took place with the occupying forces near the Nahdah Elementary School for boys and the vicinity of Tariq ibn Ziyad Secondary School, in the southern region under Israeli security control, according to the official agency.

The director of the Nahdah School for Boys, Rawhi al-Zarou, said that troops and foot patrols of Israeli soldiers provoked the students before entering the school yard, which led to confrontations during which soldiers used sound bombs and poisonous gas to the students, which resulted in dozens of cases of suffocation and panic, and contributed to the confusion today And the course of the educational process in the two schools.

It is noteworthy that schools in the southern region of the city of Hebron, composed of 11 schools, suffer on a daily basis from the attacks of the occupation forces and the provocations of settlers, the constant inspection of military roadblocks, arrest and detention, which confuse and disrupt the educational process.


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