Robots as an alternative to delivery personnel amid the outbreak of corona

Be careful! Cute and fast robot is coming to your doorstep with all your parcels.

The Chinese leading retailer, Suning, launched parcel delivery robots instead of delivery personnel in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, amid the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Several residential communities in Nanjing have taken the most stringent measures including not allowing entry to delivery personnel, so robots are used after repeated disinfection to complete the final door-to-door delivery stage after the delivery officer arrives in a residential community.

According to Sunning, the robot with a length of 1.25 meters has a maximum loading capacity of 145 liters, and it can work for up to ten hours, where it can draw delivery methods, avoid obstacles, take lifts and return to charging when the battery power is insufficient, with precise positioning accuracy Less than 50 mm.

The company said that with technologies including artificial intelligence and big data, it is easy to control the robot that is cleared after each delivery.

"I was not expecting a delivery robot," said Li Wei, a Nanjing real estate manager. "It makes delivery more convenient and benefits people who stay at home and choose to shop online while the virus is spreading."


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