Because of Corona ... some passengers of a cruise ship were prevented from boarding a plane at Malaysia Airport

 The Dutch Foreign Ministry announced late on Saturday that a number of passengers on the luxury cruise ship "Westerdam", including two Dutch citizens, were prevented from boarding a K-plane LM "departure from Kuala Lumpur is heading to Amsterdam.

The Bloomberg News reported that the passengers were among more than 2,200 passengers and crew on board the "Holland" ship of Holland America, which the ports of 5 countries refused to receive before being allowed to receive them in Cambodia.

A 83-year-old American traveler was diagnosed with the Corona virus a day after she left the ship.

Tourists who have been immunized from boarding KLM Flight 810 are still in Malaysia, along with another group of Dutch citizens suspected of having been in contact with the affected American woman.

The Dutch Institute of Public Health and the Environment stated that it is estimated that 11 people were prevented from boarding the plane.


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