Kate Middleton feels guilty

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has revealed that she feels guilty that royal duties sometimes affect her role as the mother of her three sons George, Charles and Lewis.

Kate, 38, the wife of Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, described herself a "always-busy mother" and said she believed that any mother who did not admit that she sometimes felt failing to perform some of her duties as a mother was considered a liar.

Kate said in a radio interview for the Happy Mum Happy Baby program, presented by Giovanna Fletcher, that her association with royal tasks sometimes makes her fail to perform tasks such as delivering her children to school.

"Every mother feels short in one of the ways that she wants to make sure she does her job perfectly," Kate added.

The dialogue was recorded at the end of January, after Kate visited a nursery in south London.

"Even mothers who do not work, also face challenges while raising their children," she said.

"The mother always questions all of her decisions and rulings, and this begins as soon as she gives birth to her first child," she said.

Kate talked about the difficulties she faced during her pregnancy, as she had severe vomiting episodes in the morning, which caused her dehydration, weight loss and accumulation of toxins in the blood or urine.

"She was not the happiest pregnant woman," Kate said, adding, "Many pregnant women suffer more from me, but it was a challenge. Not only for me but for everyone around me."

"William was feeling that he couldn't do much to help me, and it's hard for everyone around you to see you suffer without being able to help you."

Kate revealed that her experience with pregnancy made her meditate to help her overcome her pain.

Kate and William welcomed their sons George in 2013 and Charlotte in 2015 and Louis in 2018 at the Lindo Private Pavilion at St Mary's Hospital, London.

When asked about her feeling standing in front of the crowds after giving birth while she was carrying her baby, she said, "It was terrifying, I will not lie."

"But everyone was supporting me, and William and I realize that everyone is eager to see the baby, and we are grateful for the crowds that come to see us."


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