Occupation continues to punish Gaza and decides to cancel measures in favor of the Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation authorities decided Saturday evening to cancel the measures they took last Thursday evening in favor of the Gaza Strip, claiming that rockets continued to be fired at the settlements.

"After this evening's rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israel, the planned civil actions of the Gaza Strip have been cancelled," Almog Booker, a correspondent for The Hebrew Channel 13, quoted as saying.

According to the same source, the measures to be cancelled include the return of 500 permits to Gaza traders, the resumption of the introduction of cement and the re-expansion of fishing distance in the Gaza Strip.

He added that "the continuation of the policy will be determined only by actions on the ground,"claiming that Hamas bears responsibility and that "if calm is not maintained, Israel will act accordingly."On Saturday evening, the Israeli army claimed to have observed two rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli settlements.

On Thursday evening, the israeli occupation authorities decided to reopen the Gaza Sea for 15 miles and to return the permits, which had been suspended a few days earlier, on the grounds of security tension.

Informed sources said, Thursday, that the occupation authorities decided to reopen the sea to fishermen up to a distance of 15 miles as of Friday morning (yesterday), adding that the occupation also agreed to return the permits of merchants, which he stopped earlier this month.

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