Warnings of environmental catastrophe in Gaza due to the discontinuation of sewage pumps

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The director of the water Department of the Sahel municipalities in Gaza, Monther Shubalaq, said sewage water is now flowing into the Gaza Valley from Nuseirat wastewater pumping Station, as a result of the lack of sufficient fuel for its operation.

The sewage from the Nuseirat pump is pouring out, he said, adding that it is currently being pumped into the valley to avoid its access to citizens ' homes.

He warned that the crisis is a serious alarm for the problem to reach other areas in the Gaza Strip, especially those with pumps in residential areas and between citizens ' homes.

He noted that some areas in areas are less dangerous due to the presence of sewage stations along with valleys or the possibility of pumping them to seawater.

He noted that the Gaza Strip has 49 pumps for sewage treatment, noting that 16 of them are located in residential areas, which is an environmental disaster because of the possibility of water flowing into the streets and near citizens ' homes.

He noted that sewage pumps are currently operating very limited to manage a maximum crisis and, if necessary, due to lack of fuel.

He noted that winter will increase the problem due to increased rainfall, mixing with sewage and increasing the flow of water to citizens.

He warned that the lack of diesel to operate the pumps, as far as possible next week, will increase the likelihood of sewage flowing to the citizens.

The United Nations Humanitarian Office (OCHA) allocated $1 million to the Gaza services sector, stressing that it was a good step but only delaying the problem for a month and a half, he said.

He continued:  " During this period, we hope that the international and donor institutions will be aware of the problem of the Gaza Strip and resolve the problem in a permanent manner, especially since we are talking about professional facts and figures. "

He stressed the importance of media mobility in order to convey the magnitude of the problem to all relevant institutions and the international community.


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