Demonstration in Gaza and clashes in the West Bank, in rejection of the American peace plan

 Hundreds of palestinians demonstrated in Gaza city as clashes erupted with the Occupying Army in the West Bank on Friday, as part of an event opposing the US middle east peace plan known as the "Deal of the Century."
Demonstrators carried the Palestinian flag and written banners rejecting the American century deal and emphasizing adherence to Palestinian rights.
Palestinian leader Maher Sabra said during the demonstration that the US plan "is a crime against Palestine and Jerusalem and will have no chance of implementation or success."
Sabra called for a high-level Palestinian national meeting to agree on a plan to drop the U.S. deal, as well as stronger Arab and Islamic reactions to support the Palestinian position.
Meanwhile, sporadic clashes broke out between hundreds of citizens and the occupation army in a number of West Bank cities following demonstrations against the US peace plan.
According to eyewitnesses, the most intense clashes broke out near the Beit El military checkpoint north of Ramallah, resulting in a number of rubber bullets and suffocation.
After Friday prayers, hundreds of Palestinians took part in an event to raise the Palestinian flag over the Al-Arma area east of the town of Beita, south of Nablus, which is threatened with confiscation from Israel.
On January 28, US President Donald Trump announced his Middle East peace plan calling for a two-state solution while recognizing Jerusalem as israel's "undivided capital," sparking widespread controversy and Palestinian rejection.

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