Russia: A bill guarantees Putin remains in power

dpa) - Russian media reported on Wednesday that deputies in the State Duma (lower chamber of the Russian parliament) suggested another way for President Vladimir Putin to remain in his official role after the end of his current term four years later.

The Russian news agency TASS reported that a group of deputies presented a draft law that would enable any former president to become a lifetime member of the Federal Council (the upper chamber of the Russian parliament).

Putin, 67, has been taking turns as president or prime minister for two decades, while his current term ends in. 2024, the longest-serving Russian or Soviet president in the presidency since leader Joseph Stalin.

Putin proposed a set of changes to the constitution in his state of the nation address last month, calling for a reform of the country's leadership.

The changes would give more authority to the prime minister and the state’s consultative council, prompting speculation that he could move to one of these roles.

Putin insisted that this draft law should be decided through a national referendum.

The amendments include setting a minimum wage and pension allocations based on the cost of living, which are aspects that can help persuade the people to vote for them.


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